Carolyn from Ulverston

“I have found my sessions with Richard to be very positive.  My initial concern centred around my posture and being round shouldered – always feeling like I looked downwards when walking. Through Richard’s encouragement and positivity I have gained further knowledge about not only my posture but about the body as a whole. Richard’s deep knowledge and gentle encouragement makes the sessions fascinating and I never leave a lesson without furthering my understanding of how my body works. This in turn has led to an increased confidence in me as a person, from feeling more positive and empowered when walking, looking outwards and feeling uplifted. I now have more confidence when shopping for clothes and don’t worry about the shape of my back in certain outfits. I can’t thank Richard enough for giving me the belief and confidence to work with my posture and see the benefits it brings to all aspects of life – including how to lift up my grandchildren!”