12 Week Initial Exploration Course

If you are looking for an Alexander Technique course in Barrow in Furness and the surrounding area, then our 12 week exploration course could be the choice for you. Your initial twelve one-hour-long lessons are ideally taken weekly and are located in

‘The Alexander Technique Furness’ Barrow-In-Furness studio.

The nature of the Technique dictates that self awareness is vital, so we will work with

you to progressively increase this. Although I work with a systematic approach, your

needs are considered in every session so lessons can be altered accordingly.

The Alexander Technique course will include paying attention to the following:

  •  Reduction in symptoms, reducing pain and pain management
  •  Increased mindfulness
  •  Basic body mapping of the primary skeletal joints
  •  Good use of posture, including sitting, standing, walking and bending
  •  The STOP procedure. How to deal with internal/external stimuli
  •  Increase in body awareness
  •  Freedom of movement
  •  Mechanics of breathing
  •  The semi-supine constructive rest position
  •  Your individual activities

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You can pay for the course one lesson at a time, if you wish, or, if you pay for the whole course up-front, this will entitle you to two free lessons. At this stage, you may well feel confident enough to move on and then just book refresher lessons, as and when you feel you need to. Most likely though, you will then move on to the Integrating Wellbeing phase, when we start ‘bedding in’ the new movement and thinking habits, that you have learned.



£30 per 1 hour lesson 

£300 for 12 lessons

By engaging in an Alexander Technique Course you are unlocking the potential to be pain free, medication free, to control and overcome anxiety and improve posture, all alongside creating positive wellbeing and confidence.

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"Richard is an experienced Alexander Teacher, with a professional, open and friendly style. He teaches in a structured, clear way with great attention to detail. The process is made interesting, relevant and-from my personal experience-very effective. He’s highly recommended"

- David from Cartmel


"I found the series of twelve Alexander Technique sessions very useful, especially in terms of alleviating back pain. Richard was supportive, clear and very helpful. A truly worthwhile use of my time and money."

- Christine from Preston


"I began taking Alexander Technique lessons after having suffered from RSI and Tendonitis and back pain for several years. The lessons have allowed me to gain more awareness of my posture and movement and I have used the technique to retrain the habitual behaviours that were causing my pain."

- Hermann from Blackpool

If you are interested in booking a place on the 12 week Initial Exploration course and would like to have a FREE consultation, get in touch.

Call: 07786 858950 or Email: info@alexandertechniquefurness.co.uk