Dorothy from Barrow

“I’d been hoping for some time that an Alexander Technique teacher would come to Barrow and, luckily for me, Richard did. I badly needed help with my core balance to overcome my tendency to trip and fall badly. Currently, I am in the process of being re-educated in the seemingly basic skills of walking, bending, sitting and breathing, etc. After the very first session, I noticed the difference in my movement. Now, after six, I rarely trip; my legs are stronger when bending; sitting is more comfortable; my spine feels longer, and I actually see more because I am using my peripheral vision. Training in the Alexander Technique is bringing me the grace in movement I have long wanted and admired in others who have experienced the training. I highly recommend Richard Marsden with his ability to explain the processes involved, his professionalism and patience.”

Carolyn from Ulverston

“I have found my sessions with Richard to be very positive.  My initial concern centred around my posture and being round shouldered – always feeling like I looked downwards when walking. Through Richard’s encouragement and positivity I have gained further knowledge about not only my posture but about the body as a whole. Richard’s deep knowledge and gentle encouragement makes the sessions fascinating and I never leave a lesson without furthering my understanding of how my body works. This in turn has led to an increased confidence in me as a person, from feeling more positive and empowered when walking, looking outwards and feeling uplifted. I now have more confidence when shopping for clothes and don’t worry about the shape of my back in certain outfits. I can’t thank Richard enough for giving me the belief and confidence to work with my posture and see the benefits it brings to all aspects of life – including how to lift up my grandchildren!”

Helen from Ulverston

“Despite having a good level of fitness and having practiced Yoga for over 20 years I have experienced intermittent lower back pain for at least 25 years which has become chronic in the the last 6 years or so. I have spent thousands of pounds and as many hours having different types of treatment in the hope of curing my back problem. I have seen sports therapists, osteopaths, physiotherapists, chiropractor’s. I’ve tried acupuncture, myofascial release work, massages and I’ve done some process work with the pain. I had almost given up hope of ever finding a cure and thought it was just a case of managing the pain but then I was reminded of the Alexander Technique so thought I’d give it a go. After my first session with Richard within 2 days I was feeling the pain about 50% less of the time and after 4 lessons I’m feeling hopeful and optimistic that it’s possible that I will be free of pain again. Richard’s gentle and humble approach in the way that he teaches allows his belief and discernment to shine through and be passed on for which I am grateful.”

Derek from Fulwood

“Truly Worthwhile”

I found the series of 6 Alexander Technique sessions very useful, especially in terms of alleviating pain.

My teacher (Richard Marsden) was supportive, clear and very helpful. A truly worthwhile use of my time and money!

(university lecturer)

Fiona from Fulwood

“I now have less pain”

The Alexander Technique has revitalised my life. I walk as if walking on air. I am able to go up and down stairs with ease without my troublesome knee giving in like it used to. By relearning activities like sitting, squatting, bending and standing at my full height. I now have less pain, more flexibility and find moving a lot easier and more pleasurable. Richard is a fantastic tutor who teaches with gentleness and care for the individual. Thanks you.

(civil servant)

David from Garstang

“My body seemed more powerful and relaxed”

After only a couple of lessons with Richard, I found my gym work so much more enjoyable as my body seemed more powerful and relaxed.


Jenny from Settle

“After the second lesson… my body felt light as a feather when I left – so much tension had drained from it. Thank you.”